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Team Members are the life’s blood of Just Like New! Team Members can work as little as a 4 hour shift and gain the privilege of shopping early at Just Like New. It’s great fun meeting other Moms, Gramas & Gramps, and Dads while being a Team Member is just a small part of your day. It’s also a change of pace for the stay-at-home mom who deserves some time out with other women! Shifts are available setting up racks, receiving and checking in merchandise, help during the public sale, and more! It is really a bunch of fun, so please join our Just Like New Team!

Shop Earliest As A JLN Super Team Member!: Super Team Members will now be able to shop even earlier! Super Vols are those who commit to (5) or more Vol slots during the event and will shop starting Wednesday at 1:00 PM. Consignment Registration Fee waived.

We need help during our Pre-view Sale: If you decide you would like to be a Team Member during the Presale you will be able to shop on Wednesday from 2:00 PM – 5:00 PM. Our preview sale usually runs to 10:00 pm. This is on a first come first served basis, so don’t wait to sign up!

Calling All Dads!: We need many TEAM JLN Dads to help with rack setup and breakdown. After the show we are barely standing…and this is when it all gets packed away in less than 5 hours! This is where we could really use some horsepower! Breakdown slots are available Saturday from 11:15AM-5:00PM and 1:15PM-7:00PM (This one gets you early shopping at 2:00 PM!! on Pre-view night) There are also standard four hour Set-Up shifts on Monday between 9:00AM and 4:00PM. In addition you can either combine Dad’s shift with Mom’s shift for earlier shopping for ONE person, or each of you come in at respective times. Please let us know if you intend to do this when you pick up your pass. Dads CAN sign up for ANY Vol Slot we offer.

**NEW Is organization your gift?: We need many JLN Team Members to put the unsold items in numerical order on Saturday from 11:15 am – 5:00 pm. All items need to be grouped by the Seller’s ID#. Saturday sorters get to shop the Preview Sale early on Wednesday from 2:00 PM! **New Even Earlier!

Saturday Team Members: Get to shop their half off on Friday evening after we close to the public at 6pm.

Flexibility For JLN Team Members!: Team Members who work either one 8 hour shift or two 4 hour shifts will begin to shop the Pre-View sale after our pre-view Team Members on Wednesday beginning at 3:00 PM. Multiple shifts allow you earlier shopping choices at Just Like New!! See Our Super Vol option!

**NEW Tuesday Drop-Off Vols Shop Earlier: Tuesday Evening Drop-Off Team Members (2:00pm shift and after) will now be able to shop starting Wednesday at 4:00 PM.

It Takes “Hands Of Many”: Team Members who contribute at least a basic 4 hour shift will begin to shop the Pre-View sale on Wednesday beginning at 5:00 PM.

Shifts are available setting up racks, receiving and checking in merchandise, help during public sale, and more! It is really a bunch of fun, so please join TEAM Just Like New, by signing up to be a Team Member!

You do not have to consign with Just Like New to take advantage of Team Member opportunities and to receive early shopping benefits. Please take a moment to review our Team Members policy below before committing to a shift.

Click Here to View Our Team Member Schedule

Take a look at our Team Member schedule to see what shifts are right for you!

Click Here To Signup to be a Team Member

Ready to signup as a Team Member? Click the link above to register!. If you are a consignor, use your consignor number and password to login. If you are not a consignor, but want to work for the early shopping benefits, Click on the “Need To Register As a Worker” link after you click the link above.

Pay It Forward! JLN is entirely run by Team Members! Would you like to have the opportunity to join TEAM JLN? Some do it for the shopping privileges, and some “Pay It Forward…” Your choice. But either way, — Together We CAN Make a Difference!

Team Member Job Descriptions

Although we have specific time slots for specific tasks, sometime we have to shift Team Members from one area to another. If you are not able to fill that task due to some sort of limitation, please let us know.

Set-up – Be prepared for some heavy lifting or get your man to help… Team Members will be unloading the truck, setting up racks, tables, signage and more to get ready for the sale.

Accepting Merchandise – Team Members will be receiving merchandise. It is your responsibility to view all consigned items and determine if they adhere to Just Like New acceptance policies. Once all items are checked, Team Members will put the items on the sales floor in the appropriate section. Just Like New organizers will be onsite to aid in any questions you may have. (This job requires lifting and quite a bit of foot time, wear comfortable shoes and clothing that is easy to move in.)

Preview Sale Preparation – We make many final adjustments to the sales floor prior to the opening of the preview sales (preview sales are early sales that are by invitation only). Tasks include setting up check-out area, double checking clothing for sizing issues, making sure everything is in its place.

Public Sale – Team Members will be assisting in checkout, bagging merchandise and assisting shoppers in various needs. Team Members will also be monitoring the sales floor for items out of place and other issues.

Sorting – This is where we really need your assistance. Sorters are responsible for gathering and preparing each individual consignors merchandise for pick-up.

Pick-Up – Team Members help escort consignors to their merchandise at the close of the sale. Team Members will monitor the sales floor to insure no merchandise is pick-ed up mistakenly, and may assist consignors in the removal of their unsold items.

Team Member Policy

JLN is very flexible in allowing our Team-Members to sign up for, or leave a work shift, right up until the Saturday prior to the show. If you have a conflict with your JLN Team Members shift, NO WORRIES! You can log in and “UNREGISTER” or change to another shift PRIOR to the JLN “Portal” closing. If you have an emergency at the last minute (after the portal closes) please notify us as time allows.


In an effort to ensure the quality of the sale by retaining a sufficient number of Team Members, Just Like New requires that Team Members fulfill their pledged obligation to work their assigned 4-hour or 8-hour shift. In the event a Team Member does not notify JLN by UNREGISTERING PRIOR TO PORTAL CLOSURE, fulfill their obligation, or find a suitable replacement on their behalf, Just Like New will deduct 30% of the Team Member’s earnings check. Additionally, the Team Member will not be allowed to participate in any future Just Like New Events in ANY capacity to include shopping, consigning, New Moms, or being a Team Member.

Some extenuating circumstances will be considered (such as a death in the family).

Please understand that these guidelines have been created in an effort to maintain a high quality sale. Team Members must be on time and fulfill their entire shift in order to reap the benefits and escape the consequences of a “No-Show”.