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JLN is run entirely by Team Members, and while EACH and EVERY Team Member is important, we would like to recognize a few that have gone above and beyond. Each year the Just Like New Staff nominates members of TEAM JLN, for different awards. These include:

  • “Rookie of The Year”
  • “Most Valuable Player”
  • “JLN-Varsity”
  • Facebook Contributor

“Rookie of the Year”


It’s our pleasure to award $50 and recognize Ashley as “The JLN Team Member Rookie Of The Year 2014”! She is the perfect example of a veteran JLN consignor, jumping full force into Team Member positions, and “Paying It Forward” as her children become older. Not only does this earn her even earlier shopping, it also fills a vital role in our Team! So glad you are part of the family Ashley!

“Most Valuable Players”


We are happy to present Suzanna $100 and the award of JLN MVP 2014. Suzanna has long time played a pivitol role in our events, selflessly taking vacation time to serve others. Always a smile, always a positive force, always a Blessing! Thanks Suzanna… Hugs!

“Facebook Contributor”


JLN’s Facebook page! provides an excellent place for Team Members, Consignors and Shoppers to share ideas. Thanks to Danielle for the insightful guidance provided to others and the many fb photos and videos provided during the spring & fall events! Danielle is presented with a gift of $50. Thanks for sharing and being such a great JLN Team mate!

“Varsity Inductees”

At the end of each year we review the past two seasons and nominate the year’s inductees to TEAM JLN VARSITY. Again, EACH and EVERY Team Member is NEEDED and GREATLY appreciated. These are all folks who really share JLN’s passion of a Servant’s Heart.

Many “Came early and stayed late”, a few came from out of state. ALL came with the intent that together we CAN make a difference in each others lives! Congratulations to the 2014 inductees: