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When someone sells your items on your behalf in exchange for a commission it is called consignment. You are consigning with us for a 5-day period of time. You will receive a check totaling 70% of your sales. Additionally there is an $11 participation fee subtracted from your commission.

The sale will open its doors to the public on Thursday morning at 10 am. The sale will remain open Friday and Saturday. Volunteers and consignors are given the opportunity to shop on Wednesday evening in a private preview sale Click here for a complete listing of sale dates.

Yes, Saturday, May 5th at 11:59 pm. You need to have at least 20 items tagged and a drop-off appointment selected by this time. Please don’t wait until the last minute. (See FAQ#13)

Just about any item related to adult clothing will be offered for sale. Each sale will offer a unique variety of merchandise. Consignors are able to sell adult clothing, books, games, DVDs, computer games, household items (more info) and much more!

We specialize in new and almost new merchandise. Many of our items will have their original tags still attached. Those items are quick to sell, so be sure to get in early if that is what you are shopping for.

Absolutely, but with one exception! At JLN we know how important the family is! That’s why we exist! HOWEVER: Children will NOT be allowed during the Wednesday Pre-View Sale, unless they are nursing infants. This is a VERY busy time with lots of “power shopping” going on.

During the Public sale days (Thurs-Sat), please do NOT leave children unattended.

Wire Shopping BasketYou are welcome to bring a basket (laundry or other), box/bin or any bag that would not be mistaken for a shopping bag (beach, mesh or over the shoulder towel bags work best). Strollers can be hard to navigate with so many folks. Get there early and scoop one of ours at a bargain price! Please be patient with our “Receipt Checkers” at the door. It is JLN’s policy to check every bag and stroller with your itemized receipt. The baskets like below are awesome to bring!

We will accept cash, check (government issued ID required), and Mastercard or Visa. A $35 Returned check fee will be applied NO EXCEPTIONS. We prosecute bad checks to the full extent of the law.

Volunteers, Consignors, Sponsors, Military members, Law Enforcement, Emergency Responders, Teachers, and active/retired/spouse with a valid I.D., get to shop the sale prior to the general public. (see dates and locations for details)

Volunteers who join TEAM JLN get to shop the preview sale EARLY! This gives you “first” choice in finding all the wonderful treasures and finest selection that Just Like New has to offer.

Volunteers who work any Saturday Sorter / Breakdown shift, get to shop the preview sale starting at 2:00 pm. You will also get to do your half off shopping that Friday after we close to the public at 6pm.

Volunteers who work either an 8 hour shift, or two 4 hour shifts, get to shop the preview sale starting at 3:00 pm

** NEW– Volunteers who work Tuesday Evening Drop-Off (2:00PM or after) will shop early at 4:00PM.

Volunteers who work any 4 hour shift get to shop starting at 5:00 pm.

Consignors get to shop the preview sale at 6:00 pm. One pass = one person.

We are honored to allow our Military friends to join us at 6:30 pm. (But remember no kids on this night) All you need is your government I.D. Thanks for your service!

Passes are required in order to attend on preview night.

Click Here to Volunteer – this link is for you if you are a Volunteer only.

  1. Ensure you have signed up for your Drop-Off Appointment (NOT available online until 2 weeks prior to the show)
  2. Arrange clothing according to gender, size and season before delivery. This makes it so much easier and faster during the inspection and placement process. Less time for YOU at drop off.
  3. A volunteer will meet you to assist in getting items out of your vehicle. Use CAUTION for “Rack Control” while unloading.
  4. Immediately park your vehicle
  5. Rejoin your volunteer in the entrance way
  6. Our Quality Control Team will then be carefully inspecting items for acceptability and proper tagging
  7. During QC, check in at the registration table. We will be checking for…

The Just Like New Kids website “Portal” is scheduled to close on Saturday, May 5th at 11:59 pm.

After this date you will not be able to add items, edit tags, or sign up for a Drop-Off Slot. However, JLN reserves the right to close the portal early or limit consignor registration as required due to volume of inventory. We learned this the hard way during the Spring 08 show, when 20,000 items were added in the final 24 hours. Bottom line: PLEASE DON’T PROCRASTINATE. You help us – help you, by allowing us to proactively plan vs. having to be reactive. Each sale is a little different and we carefully look at the types and numbers of items to plan for the number of racks, tables and volunteer slots. It truly is a TEAM effort. Thanks for your help!

After Saturday, May 5th at 11:59 pm the JLN Consignor Portal will only be available to consignors for checking on the sale’s progress and print previously entered tags. These totals should be updated on our website after 11:00 pm local time each night during the sale.

Each one is a bit different due to differences in computers, such as XP vs. Vista, firewall / browser software, and Internet Service Providers, but we can cover the top ones:

  • Have you registered as either a “New” or “Returning” consignor for THIS event? Once you have registered your number will remain the same forever.
  • Do you have a Netgear WGR614 v9 router that is “dropping ” sessions? Some have had success by updating router firmware. All succeeded in fixing the issue by bypassing the router, or replacing it with a Linksys or other brand. Drop us an e-mail if you run into this one.
  • Have you disabled ALL pop-up blockers? (sometimes you have more than one)
  • Have you lowered your firewall or privacy software’s “cookie” setting or placed “” and “” in your “trusted” or “allowed” site list?
  • In some cases simply downloading an alternate browser like Mozilla’s Firefox can solve the problem. This is often the case if you have Vista, but is true with XP as well. UPDATE: AUG 27, 2008 — Some folks have experienced a PRINTING problem with Firefox version 3. This is a Firefox issue, NOT our program. Our recommendation is to NOT install/upgrade to Firefox 3. If Firefox has automatically updated, we recommend un-installing Firefox3 and then installing Firefox or another browser like Safari or Opera. Read more about this glitch at CNET HERE.
  • Need more detailed instructions on how to set up your I.E. browser to allow the cookie needed for the site to work properly? click here.
  • If you are still having problems, please e-mail us at We won’t quit until you are hooked up.