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What Folks Are Saying About Just Like New…

“JLN, All of my experiences with you have been amazing. I have been both a consignor and a shopper. And I have been very successful in both making money AND in saving it. I have told many of my friends about the sales and each of them who has checked them out has returned again and again. Thanks for doing such an awesome job!!!!!”

Stephanie H., Duncannon

 “JLN, thanks so much for what you do! I was able to outfit my entire family of four kids with quality clothing, a new Lil Tykes bed, and have enough left over for some books and video games. Your team is the best! Blessings to you.”

Bonnie W., Mechanicsburg

“I had so much fun being a Team Member with you guys this past week…count me in for three days next show”

Rachael B., Carlisle

“I can’t believe how many of my items sold! I’ll be back in the Spring.”

Ashley, Dillsburg

“I wanted to thank you for putting together such a nice event. As a brand new mom struggling with budgeting, I was able to buy my daughter an entire wardrobe and some new toys and books for what I would have paid at the regular store for a couple of outfits. I’m a big yard sale and flea market shopper but I would have had to pick through a hundred yard sales to find the quality and selection I got at your sale. I can’t wait for the next one…I’ve had the calendar marked since the date was announced and actually rescheduled a trip so that I could make it! I know a lot of new moms and moms-to-be and I made sure I told all of them about Just Like New. It’s like a goldmine for those of us new to the mothering game.

P.S. Your sale tops all of the others that I’ve been to in the area. Way better volume and selection, a better venue, quicker checkout.”

Shelley W., Enola

“Last year was my first year participating in a JLN event and it was a great experience! I made over $300! I normally donate my son’s used toys and clothes to either charity or to friends with kids, but decided to try to make some money and donate the things that didn’t sell. I felt like I was doing a good deed for the less fortunate/thrifty within the community and also made money, which I put into a my son’s savings account. I will be participating again in Spring ’08 and if you have kids stuff you should too!”

Emily F., Carlisle

“Thank you for putting together an amazing consignment sale. I was able to buy my two kids their fall wardrobe with quality, like-new clothes for under $100 and I definitely bought more then they even needed! I also was a consignor and found it to be a very uncomplicated procedure. It was a very rewarding feeling knowing our family was re-using another families resources and vise versa. Recycling clothes, shoes, coats, and baby-gear not only helps our pockets but helps Mother Earth too! Thank you JLN!! ”

Kristin B., York

“Hello! I just wanted to let you know how WONDERFUL your events are! The sales are so well planned and organized! I am able to get all of my children’s clothing at great prices! This allows me to save money on items that I have to buy anyway. I also have a great time being a Team Member! I can get out of the house, away from the kids for some great fun! I do not get that very often! Compared to all of the other consignment sales in our area, this is the best by far! The people are nicer, the items and prices are better, and it is always easier to find the items you want. This is the one and only sale that I will be attending this year! Very Satisfied Customer and Consignor!”

Helen S., Carlisle

“Dear JLN, Thank you so much for putting together this great event! We made 4 times what the other shops offered, got awesome deals on new clothing and shoes for the upcoming season, and even helped out our community by donating. You’re the best!”

Heidi K., Boiling Springs

“Thanks to JLN and those who make this sale happen! I have done this show twice and made a total on both close to $700. WOW! I have done other shows in the area but none were as well organized nor attended as this one. YOU MUST DO THIS SHOW! IT IS GREAT!”

Michelle Y., Mt. Holly Springs