Just Like New is thrilled you have decided to join in our exciting sale. The First Time Mom’s / New Grandparents Preview Sale is intended as a special opportunity for Moms/Dads of first children (Expecting through 18 months) and New Grandparents. This program applies to first foster and adopted children as well. Each parent is allowed the chance to shop early for both a Spring AND Fall Sale MAXIMUM.

All you have to do is Pre-Register by clicking the link below. You will receive a numbered e-mail pass that is REQUIRED for entry. We will add your name to our First Time Mom data base and mailing list automatically so you can stay aware of future sales. This program is our way of giving a new family a great start. We count on everyone’s honesty in order for this program to continue.

This program is LIMITED to the first 150 eligible First Time Mom’s / Grandparents. Your numbered pass may have a number higher than 150. No worries…as long as you received a numbered pass via email, you have made it under the 150 limit! Yeah! You MUST register with a valid email address. Please type carefully.

Please click the link below to register as a first time parent. Admission will be for one pre-registered parent/grandparent and one guest. PLEASE DO NOT REGISTER TWICE FOR THE SAME FAMILY / SAME ADDRESS / SAME E-MAIL. If you are needing a pass for Grandparents that do not have e-mail/internet, please put THEIR name/address on the pass and place YOUR VALID email address in the email field.

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First Time Parent Registration