Pick up of Unsold Merchandise

Just Like New will have your unsold items sorted and ready for pick-up after the sale for you! Upon arrival we will check your I.D. and escort you to YOUR items. PLEASE visually check through your items to ensure you have ONLY YOUR items, as your escort checks your items for YOUR consignor number. Don’t forget to check the “Lost Tag Item” area on your way out to see if any of YOUR items might have lost their tags. Please bring a laundry basket or box to place your items into.

Pick-Up for Just Like New will be:

Saturday, September 16th from 5:00 pm to 7:00 pm

Please do not attempt to pickup earlier than 5:00pm. This is a VERY busy time and lends to confusion. If you are having a friend pickup your items for you, you MUST drop off a JLN Alternate Pick-Up Representative Release Form DURING drop-off registration. You can NOT arrange for this at any other time. Items NOT picked up by 7:00 pm on Saturday, will be donated!

Please help us make sure your donated items are processed correctly! You can do this by checking the “donate” box while entering your items. This will ensure that we correctly identify your items as ones you would like to donate once the sale is complete.

Your donated items will be donated to a local charity.