Drop off Procedures

JLN is Drop Off By Appointment Only. With the overwhelming number of consignors, we must match our Team Member force to an appropriate number of Drop-Off slots. These slots will NOT become available on the website until Monday, August 21st at 7am. If you have seen our Team Member sign-up page, (…and we hope you have 🙂 it will work exactly the same way. When you pull up the page you will see all the available time slots. You just choose one that fits your needs, and you are all set! If you are dropping off for someone else, PLEASE ensure you/they have signed up for a separate slot in THEIR name. Be sure to tell the folks at the registration desk you are dropping for two, giving BOTH names.

Many consignors have asked for more “After work slots” to be offered Tuesday night. The only way we can do this is if there are Team Members during that period to support it. If this is the time you are available & the drop-off time you will be requesting, perhaps you would join TEAM JLN as a Team Member. You will be allotted time to “drop off” your items after the general public.

To select a Drop-Off slot just click on the link on YOUR Consignor “Homepage” similar to the graphic below: Click on the example below to Log-In now.

Contol Panel

Before You Leave Home…

  1. Arrange clothing according to gender and size BEFORE delivery. This makes it so much easier and faster during the inspection and placement process. Less time for YOU at drop off.
  2. Bring items already priced. Make sure your tags are properly formatted.
  3. Ensure you have not exceeded the 150 clothing item limit.
  4. Sign Up for your Drop-Off Appointment slot. This will NOT be available UNTIL 2 weeks prior to the sale (We will send an email when it becomes available) and will close at the same time as the JLN Portal

When you Arrive at the Sale…

  1. Carlisle Expo CenterUpon arrival, park at the building front and enter through the entrance pictured at right.
  2. A Team Member will meet you to assist in getting your items unloaded from your vehicle and inside. After your items are unloaded to the curb, immediately move your vehicle to the main parking lot, and then rejoin your Team Member. DO NOT “park” along the curb while placing your items.
  3. Please use CAUTION! Rolling Racks have been known to attack cars!
  4. Your items will be inspected for acceptability and proper tagging
  5. While the QC team is looking over your items, you need to check in at the registration table. We will be checking for the following:
    • Confirm Seller ID#, address, phone and email
    • Drop Off JLN Alternate Item Release Form if applicable
    • Pick-up Pre-View sale pass
  6. Your Team Member will assist you in orienting you to the showfloor.
  7. Please email us with any questions you may have about this process!