Carlisle Expo Center
100 K Street, Carlisle, PA 17013
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Important Information for ALL JLN Consignors…

What’s New:

  • Limited to 150 pieces of clothing items (coats, pajamas, snow pants and Halloween costumes do not count towards the clothing limit).
  • Unlimited pairs of shoes per consignor (please bring us only your best!).
  • Limit 3 pillow per consignor.
  • Limit 1 Queen or King bedding per consignor.
  • No porcelain dolls.
  • No Boyd Bears.
  • No vases for flowers.
  • LuLaRoe clothing items must be either NWT (New With Tags), or discounted without an NWT.
  • No scrubs.
  • Books and DVDs have to be marked for discount.
  • Household items must be $5 or more (please no yard sale items).
  • JLN Consignors can earn anywhere from 65% to 80% of their asking price for their items based on how many JLN Team Members shifts they have signed up for.

Consigner Discounts


JLN has a brand new FACEBOOK page! Click below to join our FB Gang “Just Like New Kids Consignment.” This wall has been created to provide a discussion arena for Consignors, Team Members and Shoppers alike. Please feel free to speak your mind, and give us any and all feedback, as well as provide your teammates your tips. Please SHARE & Like us on FB!!

FacebookJLN Consignor Checklist: We have prepared for you a printable JLN Consignor EZ Checklist. Please take a moment to thoroughly review the complete website for important details.

**Only one (1) pass will be given per Consignor / Team Member for Wednesday’s Pre-View. This means that No Children Are Allowed. EXCEPTION will be made for nursing infants. This is required to ensure everyone’s safety and provide for a more manageable shopping environment. Please join us with the kids on any of the other three days (Thurs-Sat). **

Avoid Procrastination: The Just Like New “Portal” is scheduled to close on Sunday, September 3rd at 11:59pm (There is a countdown on the website homepage that assumes your computers TIME/DATE is correct) After this date you will not be able to add items or edit tags, ONLY print previously entered items. However, JLN reserves the right to close the portal early, or close consignor registration as required, due to the volume of inventory. Bottom line: PLEASE DON’T PROCRASTINATE. You help us – help you, by allowing us to proactively plan vs. having to be reactive. Each sale is a little different and we carefully look at the types and numbers of items to plan for the number of racks, tables and Team Member slots. It truly is a TEAM effort. Thanks for your help!

150 Piece Clothing Limit: Due to the huge level of participation, and the desire to display your items in their best condition, we will be limiting “hanger” clothing items (Including Maternity) to 150 pieces per consignor. (Please bring us only your very best) This will be strictly enforced at drop-off. During online tagging NO flag is going to pop up warning you of your number of clothing items. You will be responsible for keeping track of what you plan to bring and will be enforced at drop-off. A multiple-piece outfit priced together is considered one item. (coats, snow pants, pajamas and Halloween costumes do not count towards the clothing limit) NOTE: There is no limit on toys, equipment, etc.

Household Items: Limit of 15 Household items per consignor and must be $5 or more (please know your sale items). We accept the following items furniture, home decor, area rugs, Lamps, frames, bathroom decor, window treatment, Linens, decorative pillows, office furniture, patio furniture, outside storage bins, DVD players, LED / LCD / Plasma TV’S, dishes & silverware & drinking cups, serving trays, pots & pans, sporting goods, Candles ( must be new) Halloween & Thanksgiving, Christmas & Valentine’s will be for the Fall Sale events, and St. Patrick’s and Easter will be for the Spring Sale events.

We will not accept the following items: NO Double, Queen or King Mattresses, VCR machines, computers, waterbeds, Large electric appliances, Big Bertha TV’s, NO sharp kitchen or hunting Knives, NO Advertising pieces, and NO guns.

Shop Early As A JLN Super Team Members!: Super Team Members will now be able to shop even earlier! Super Team Members are those who commit to (5) or more Vol slots during the sale and will shop starting Wednesday at 1:00 pm.

Drop-Off By Appointment Only: JLN is Drop Off By Appointment Only. With the overwhelming number of consignors, we have to match our Team Member force to an appropriate number of Drop-Off slots. These slots will NOT become available on the website until 2 weeks prior to the show. We will send an email to everyone when these slots become available on the website. If you have seen our Team Member sign-up page, (…and we hope you have 🙂 it will work exactly the same way. When you pull up the page you will see all the available time slots. You just choose one that fits your needs, and you are all set!

**Many consignors have asked for more “After work slots” to be offered Tuesday night. The only way we can do this is if there are Team Members during that period to support it. If this is the time you are available & the drop-off time you will be requesting, perhaps you would join TEAM JLN as a Team Member. You will be allotted time to “drop off” your items AFTER the general public drop off, or during slow periods. **

New Sellers: To become a “seller” CLICK HERE. Once you register to become a consignor, you will receive a consignor number. This is the number that uniquely identifies your items in our sale. This will be your number forever. You will price your own items and earn a percentage of your selling price based on how many team member shifts you sign up for. Your profits are limited only by the quality, affordability, and number of items you place in the sale. Please note that an $20.00 participation fee in addition will be deducted from each seller’s check.

Returning Sellers: You need to let us know you are planning to consign in our upcoming sale by logging into our automated system and indicating that you plan to consign. You can CLICK HERE to do that now. Your user id is your consignor id from past sales, and will NEVER change. You can change your password at anytime by signing in and choosing the ‘Update My Account’ link on the main control panel. If you have forgotten your password, there is also a link on the login screen you can use, and we will automatically email your information. You will price your own items and earn a percentage of your selling price based on how many team member shifts you sign up for. Your profits are limited only by the quality, affordability, and number of items you place in the sale. Please note that an $20.00 participation fee in addition will be deducted from each seller’s check.

What To Bring: Only accept only Fall and Winter items during the Fall Sale and only Spring and Summer items for the Spring Sale. All merchandise must be in great condition and neatly hung on hangers. If an item has holes, stains, or missing buttons, please DO NOT BRING IT! We accept: children’s clothes (infant thru junior sizes), toys, baby equipment and furniture, car seats, strollers, high chairs, Little Tykes, videos, games, puzzles, roller blades, outside play equipment, and household items (see above for complete list) etc.