1. For the very best in selection, short lines and a little less craziness, consider joining TEAM JLN Team Members and earn early shopping rights!
  2. PLEASE inspect each item carefully. JLN does the very best during screening, but occasionally something slips through. ALL SALES ARE FINAL
  3. Become familiar with Kid – product recalls
  4. Shop early Monday and Tuesday for selection — Wednesday and Thursday for selected 50% Off bargins — Many folks make several trips to JLN during the week
  5. REMEMBER–Sunday’s **Pre-View Night requires a Pass for EACH person — Each Consignor/Team Member will be given ONE Pass–No Children allowed (except nursing infants).
  6. Decide what your “Most Wanted” Items are and go for those first. Check Out with your large prized items and take them out to the car. Come back in and shop round #2. Repeat often and on different days
  7. Wear comfortable shoes and clothing
  8. Come to the show having eaten and well hydrated
  9. Bring a clothes basket, large plastic hamper with a belt attached to drag behind you, or several “over the shoulder bags” It is so much easier to look through racks when your hands are not full with clothes
  10. JLN Team Member will be available on a limited basis to assist in carryout and item breakdown
  11. Please be patient with the “Receipt Checkers” at the door. JLN policy is to check over every stroller and bag that goes out the door. Thanks for your understanding.
  12. Check racks that are a size above and below your child’s normal size. Some run big, some small
  13. If you have one large load of goodies and making multiple trips out to the car, don’t forget to bring back your itemized receipt back in. You will need it to get out the door with your other items
  14. Have a great time!! Mark the calendar for the next JLN
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