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Do you want to turn your family’s gently used children’s and household items into cash, but can’t seem to find the time?

Since the Spring of 2008, Tags R Us, LLC (TRU) has been consistently participating with Just Like New Consignment Events (JLN), either through shopping, volunteering, or consigning. Through these experiences, I have a thorough knowledge of item sales, pricing and the best way to present your items for sale. TRU provides you with two convenient options to earn money on your new and gently used baby, children’s, teens, maternity and general household items, while eliminating the hassle of hanging, packaging, and pricing the items. TRU is perfect for busy families, those without access to a printer, or those that have an abundance of children’s and household items that just want to make more space in their home. Allowing us to consign your items with JLN also affords you the opportunity to shop earlier at the JLN Preview sale.


All items brought to TRU for sale preparation must follow JLN’s guidelines for accepted items. In addition, the following is brief overview of the guidelines for items that TRU will accept for preparation:

  • Toys and small appliances need to have all parts and be fully operational. If the item is battery operated, it MUST have working batteries included with the item, otherwise the item will not be tagged.
  • Lamps MUST have a working lightbulb in them. Lamps brought to TRU without a bulb will not be tagged.
  • Please ensure that all items have been cleaned. This includes dusty toys, outdoor toys, pads on swings/strollers/Exersaucers, décor, small appliances, etc. Large items will be given a “white glove test” when arriving at TRU.  If it does not meet TRU’s standards, you will be asked to take the item home with you.  Smaller items that arrive in boxes will not be tagged for sale should they not meet TRU’s standards for cleanliness.
  • Fast food toys of any kind will NOT be accepted.
  • Free advertisement paraphernalia (cups, mugs, T-Shirts, etc.) generally, will not be tagged by Tags R Us, LLC.
  • Baby Equipment, Nursery Items, and other Baby Items also need to have all of their parts and, if battery operated, must include working batteries and be functional. If an item is brought to TRU without working batteries, it will not be tagged for sale.
  • DVD’s & CD’s and Video Games must be in their original cases. They cannot be sold if they are not in their original cases.
  • Clothing items must be free of stains, tears, holes, missing buttons, broken zippers or worn elastic. The material must not look worn and should be pill-free. No underwear unless it is in the original packaging and unused. It is recommended that you run your clothing through the wash to catch anything that may have been missed when packing it away.
  • There should be minimal scuffing, if any, on shoes.
  • Furniture should have minimal nicks and scuffing and be sturdy. No missing handles, shelves, etc.
  • All tags from yard sales, other consignment sales, and JLN tags NOT applied by TRU must be removed.  If the above-mentioned tags are left on your items, they will not be tagged for sale.  Original tags on new items can be left attached to the item.

If you choose Option ATRU reserves the right to accept only the following items for each of the JLN sales.  Please note: the lists are seasonally based, as certain items will sell better at certain times of the year. Although JLN does not restrict the sale of pants, long sleeved shirts, or sweatshirts at either show, we do not want to tag items for you just to have them donated as you forfeit a better chance of selling your items in the appropriate season. This will also minimize our financial loss on the materials used to prepare the items.

  • Items ACCEPTED for tagging for JLN’s Fall Events:
    • Long Sleeved T-Shirts/Onesies/Button Down Shirts
    • All Pants (Denim, Athletic, Sweatpants, etc.)
    • Long and Short Sleeved Halloween, Christmas, or Valentine’s Day Print Shirts
    • Sweatshirts and Hoodies
    • Cotton/Fleece/Heavier Material/Long Sleeved Pajamas and Nightgowns
    • Short Sleeved/Long Sleeved Dresses/Holiday Dresses
    • Sweaters/Cardigans/Sweater Vests
    • Snowsuits/Ski or Snow Coats/Pants
    • Winter Coats
    • Lightweight Fall Coats
    • Boots (All Types)
    • Galoshes and Rain Coats
    • Dress Shoes (Dark Colors), Tennis Shoes, Crocs, Slippers, etc.
    • Short Sleeved Tops will be accepted if they are part of an outfit
    • Christmas/Halloween Themed Toys/Décor
    • Snow Toys/Sleds/Skis/Ice Skates
    • All household items and baby equipment
  • Items NOT ACCEPTED for tagging for JLN’s Fall Events: 
    • Shorts
    • Short Sleeved Shirts (see exception above)/Tank Tops
    • Shorts/Tank Top Pajamas and Tank Top Nightgowns
    • Sundresses or Tank Dresses
    • Sandals, Flip Flops, Water Shoes
    • Swimming Gear/Swim Toys/Swimming Equipment

  • Items ACCEPTED for tagging for JLN’s Spring Events:
    • Shorts/Capris
    • Short Sleeved T-Shirts/Short Sleeved Button Down Shirts/Tank Tops/Short Sleeved/Tank Onesies
    • Short Sleeved and Long Sleeved Easter Print Shirts
    • Lightweight Cotton Shorts/Tank Top Pajamas and Nightgowns (2pc Pajamas with pants will be accepted as long as they are lightweight)
    • Sundresses/Lightweight Skirts
    • Swimsuits and Covers
    • Lightweight Jackets, Sweatshirts, Hoodies, & Cardigans
    • Spring Sweater Vests
    • Sandals, Crocs, Tennis Shoes, Flip Flops, Water Shoes, Slippers, Spring Dress Shoes (White or Light Colored),
    • Galoshes & Rain Coats
    • Swimming Gear/Swim Toys/Swimming Equipment
    • All household items and baby equipment
  • Items NOT ACCEPTED for tagging for JLN’s Spring Events:
    • Heavy Fleece Pajamas, Jackets, Sweatshirts, Pants, etc.
    • Corduroy Material Clothing
    • Halloween Costumes
    • Fall/Winter Boots (Snow, Suede, Knit, etc.)
    • Sweaters
    • Heavy Coats
    • Heavy Material Sweatshirts and Hoodies
    • Christmas/Halloween Themed Toys/Décor
    • Snow Toys/Sleds/Skis/Ice Skates

If you choose Option B I will tag whatever you bring to me, regardless of the season, however, YOU are responsible for taking the appropriate seasonal items to the sale in the appropriate season. Items that are more appropriate for a different season may be turned away at check in. You are also expected to adhere to the clothing limit, regardless of what we tag for you. You are always welcome to contact us if you are unsure as to whether or not you should bring an item or you can always visit JLN’s Tagging webpage for additional information on what items are accepted/not accepted by JLN.

My consigning experiences with JLN have led me to generally use the following pricing guidelines when pricing items for sale. At the most recent JLN sale, 60% of our consigned items sold using these guidelines. Keep in mind that people are coming looking for nice items at a bargain price. If there is a chance that they can find the same item brand new at a store, they probably won’t purchase your item at the sale. ALL of your items WILL be marked as discounted for JLN’s ½ price Saturday. TRU does not require that you donate your items.

Hangers for clothing will be provided by TRU, however, bringing along hangers and safety pins helps to keep the cost down to you, so please feel free to send them with your items. When the items are brought to TRU, we will review the submitted items to ensure that they meet JLN’s Guidelines. Any items not selected will either be returned to the owner or donated (see TRU Agreements).

You are required to arrange the drop off of your items to TRU for tagging and preparation. This should be done via text or phone contact. APPOINTMENTS CANNOT BE MADE VIA EMAIL.

Please place your items in white 13 gallon trash bags or boxes of equivalent sizes.  If you choose to bring your items in bins the bins will not be returned to you. Items brought in huge boxes or lawn/contractor trash bags will not be accepted at drop off.
Please be sure to label your box/bag with your name and telephone number. Items that are too large for containers should be clearly labeled with your name and telephone number on a piece of masking tape and placed on the item. TRU is not responsible for misidentification of your items, should you fail to label them.

Option A (VIP)

In order to utilize Option A, you must have at least 50 items that need tagged. TRU will be responsible for registering you for the sale, tagging your items, dropping off your items at the sale, and picking up your items from the sale. By choosing Option A, TRU, will be paid 30% of any net profit which you make during the JLN sale for the tagging/item drop off and pick up services that are provided by TRU. This means that once the sale is final, JLN will take out the $11.00 registration fee and 30% of your total profit that you made at the sale. JLN will then mail you a check with your net profit sales. Since the check from the sale is mailed directly to your address, you are responsible for delivering cash or check equaling 30% of your net profit from the sale to TRU within 2 weeks from the date that the invoice is emailed to you from TRU.. You will also have the opportunity to pay online for the services provided to you, however, please be aware that if you do so, a processing fee will automatically be added to the online transaction. Additionally, for this option, a $5.00 paper charge will be added to your invoice after the sale. Unsold items that are being picked up will not be released to the owner until payment is received by TRU for our services. Unsold items will not remain in our possession between sales. Should you choose not to donate your unsold items after the sale, you are required to arrange pick up of those items within 2 weeks of the close of the sale or they will become the property of TRU. Additionally, TRU reserves the right to remove the tags from any unsold, tagged items that are being returned to you.

Option B (Tag Only)

With this option, TRU will be responsible for registering you for the sale and tagging your items. You will be responsible for the drop off and pick up of your items to and from the sale. Once the items have been tagged, TRU will contact you with your amount due. Payment is due when you pick up your tagged items from TRU. Items will not be returned to the owner for submission to the sale until payment is received in full. Additionally, you have 1 week from the time that you are contacted to pick up your items or they will become the property of TRU. Should you choose Option B, you will be charged $2.50 per sheet of tags. This charge includes ink, paper, any safety pins, zip lock bags, tape, hangers, and labor. There are six tags per sheet. You will be charged for a full sheet, regardless of the number of tags printed on it. There are no partial/half sheet/per tag charges available. Once the items are tagged, the tags are yours to keep.

Agreements/Info Sheets

Once an appointment has been set up with TRU, you will need to read the appropriate agreements (below). TRU will provide you with the agreements/forms that are applicable for you.

TRU OPTION “A” Agreement

TRU OPTION “B” Agreement

TRU Registration Information

JLN Agreement

JLN Alternate Pick Up Form

JLN Carseat Form (if applicable)

Contact Information

If you have any additional questions or would like to set up an appointment to drop off your items, please feel free to contact us:

Kristi Keebaugh, Owner

Phone/Text: 717-448-5841



* Other than being a JLN Volunteer & Consignor, “Tags R Us” is not directly affiliated with Just Like New, LLC